Online Slot Lovers? Come On, Join The Slot Clubs

Slot clubs were invented for slot fanatic, machine players like me (and I guess you since you’re here). This little piece of plastic that the casinos give you for free is definitely a most powerful weapon in your quest for slot machine and casino gaming fun. It looks like a credit card, but is different from a credit card in a major way – it actually pays you. Using your card while playing the slots (or any machine in some casinos) helps you to earn free points / cash, so why turn down an opportunity for cash rebates and comps?

Slot clubs can bring different levels of fun to different types of people. For me, a Vegas-loving slot fanatic that plays for fun, simply getting the value of my hotel room for free would suffice. A local slot player who never needs rooms but hates to cook might look for a slot club that offers good payback in food credits (free buffet meals etc.).

So sizing up the various slot clubs for what they offer in relation to what you desire is a good first step to make if you’ve never joined a club.

Like most things in life, slot club cards come with varying levels of benefits. For example, you cant just waltz into the Mirage with $40 in quarters thinking that they’re going to fall all over you to make your life happily.

Actually, for the Mirage, quarter-play doesnt even play toward slot club benefits. But if you headed off to one of the mid-range or second-tier casinos, then maybe you’ll be able to find varying types of slot clubs at that level. These aren’t the most luxurious resorts, but they will have positive slot clubs that award fairly decent cash rebates and/or offer generous room and food comps for low-roller play.

The number of points needed to achieve regular club status is different at every casino. Some will give you comps starting from early on in your play but usually there’s some required point level that you have to reach. For example, in Vegas, the Circus Circus Casino requires 200 points to become a full-fledged slot club member.

Some casinos, like Caesars, give you a temporary card at first. The, after accumulating a specified number of points, you’re issued a permanent card and the comp-cash system kicks in. Others have a tiered membership structure – the longer you play, the more the casino will reward you, upgrading your comps at each level.

That’s about all I’ll say on this topic for now but you can also check out Las Vegas Slot Clubs news.

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