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Pointers for Choosing a Professional Window Cleaning Service

Knowing a quality window cleaning service looks simple, until you look further. After all, there are lots of companies that offer this service these days, and they can be unique in several important ways. Before you make your choice, you have to make a few essential considerations.

Client Reviews

When scoping for a professional window cleaner, let Internet reviews help you. Reviews tell you about the actual experiences of people when they hired particular cleaners, so that will help you decide if a certain service is right for you. But of course, because not all online reviews are authentic, you have to select your sources. Stick to trusted independent consumer websites like Angie’s List and The Yellow Pages, and avoid marketing websites, which are clearly biased.

License and Accreditation

As with most other industries, window cleaning services must be approved as well as licensed by the state. Sounds obvious, but this is something that gets taken for granted most of the time. Several companies make tempting offers but couldn’t match them with equivalent results. On top of the usual substandard work, there’s danger in using unlicensed window cleaning services. Since legit businesses are insured, you will not be liable for accidents that cause bodily injury or property damage.


Price is one of those issues that must not be used as a measure for quality. Of course, everyone will always want to save money on their window cleaning needs, but ultra-low pricing usually indicates nothing but poor quality work. As with most services, you should always find a healthy middle ground when using window washing services. Simply put, don’t scrape the bottom of the barrel, but neither should you overpay.

Safety Precautions

Safety should be one of your first priorities when deciding to hire a window cleaning company. Thus, stay away from those that work without the necessary safety precautions. Online reviews are again your best go-to for this. Do your research and look for companies that have are known for practicing high safety standards.

Employee Screening

This is a highly critical issue for any business or organization any industry. Good window cleaning companies have effective screening processes in place to determine the characters of the people they are considering to hire. You only want trustworthy people within your property.

Work Guarantee

Lastly, remember that guarantees are a must when you talk about window cleaning services. On top of providing satisfying cleaning results, the service you hire should protect your cleaning investment as well. Similar to car washing services, you should also get some type of restitution guarantee within a certain period.

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